Based in Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Founding date:
January 2, 2009


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Gold Diggers
Scrap Tank
Munch Time 2

Zekeringstraat 17
1014 BM, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 752 92 42


New, Fun, Intuitive! These are some of the keywords that describe our focus when we develop our games.


Early history

Gamistry was founded in 2009 by five game development students who just graduated University. Our mission was to create awesome games across a broad scala of platforms. But with the rise of mobile platforms in that period of time we started creating mobile games for iOS along with some business to business projects in order to raise funds for our own projects. Our first own commercial project was a game called Sticky which was published by Chillingo under the Clickgamer brand. The game made "Game of the Week" status in several european nations including Great Britain, France, Germany and of course The Netherlands.

The succes of Munch Time

After three months of development we finished our second game which we released without the help of a publisher. Munch Time, a puzzle platformer about a gutsy and hungry chameleon called Munch was featured by Apple US as game of the week and then in 78 countries worldwide. The public embraced the game, but soon called for more levels and content. Within a month we doubled the amount of levels in Munch Time from 42 to 84.


Munch Time Launch Trailer YouTube

Gold Diggers Launch Trailer YouTube

Scrap Tank Launch Trailer YouTube

Sticky Launch Trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Gamistry, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Sticky: Apple Game of the Week, 2011" - Europe, 09 Februari, 2011
  • "Munch Time: Apple Game of the Week, 2012" - Worldwide, 23 Februari, 2012
  • "Nomination Dutch Game Awards: Best Mobile Game 2012" - Amersfoort, 23 November, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Munch Time has a lot of fun stuff to offer, and collecting everything provides a suitable challenge. Moreover, the game is polished, and the empty look and design of Munch is disturbingly adorable; even more so when he latches onto flowers. Munch Time is a solid physics-based puzzle game that's worth a look."
    - Christopher Mack, Gamezebo
  • "Fans of endless survival and shoot-em-up games will enjoy the fun weapons that can be unlocked and used to destroy the enemy ships. The varieties of tanks are a sight to see."
    - Lory Gil, Appadvice
  • "Sticky is a real challenge. The orange ball sticks to just about everything, so using the scrolling shooter to catapult him toward a toxin is an acquired skill that takes time to work on. Sticky is loads of fun on the iPhone and I recommend it to everybody."
    - Vanessa Paszterko, AppSafari

Team & Repeating

Alex Kentie
Co-founder, Creative Director

Aaron Oostdijk
Co-founder, Lead Programmer

Laurence Candel
Co-founder, Programmer, Web Developer

Ka Wai Cheung
Co-founder, Lead Artist

Djégo Ibanez
Co-founder, Level Designer

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